Getting back to nature at a Rainbow Gathering

Living off your intuition will definitely take you to interesting places around the world for me one of those places was in the middle of the woods in Estonia. 

After spending a month in Ibiza for summer 2020 and noticing that it wasn't at all like what I had experienced the previous summer due to covid restrictions, I was in no mood to stay around in this atmosphere. The vibe of the island wasn't the same, Guardia Civil (police) was more annoying than usual and to top it off I had to witness my twin flame get into a relationship with someone all the while I was still reeling from the spiritual awakening I had a few months prior.  

The supper club's Amnesia, Pacha, and Ushuaia were shut down and whatever bar left open had rules in place to prevent you from dancing. Can you imagine Ibiza with no dancing? The problem was many tourists were still visiting the island and they were still looking to capture a bit of that Ibiza magic whether it be with drugs, booze, women/men, etc... So picture the madness of Ibiza but with nowhere to spend that energy which made the island feel more like a zoo, caged animals who couldn't run wild and free very disappointing I must say. 

Knowing I had no business being here really brought me to question where I could go. I didn't want to head back to Canada because my family was all trapped in the matrix of this pandemic and I knew I couldn't be in that type of environment because being around them wouldn't serve the growth I was going through. I knew I wanted to eventually go to Asia to train my kung fu but I wasn't ready personally to make that big step just yet and since I was going through a spiritual awakening I wanted to be somewhere with people that would understand what I was going through personally and could even expand upon my knowledge about spiritual awakenings. 

So I did what I do all the time when I'm looking for something I don't know how to find I googled, more specifically I googled "spiritual gatherings in Europe". Come to find out that they're called Rainbow gatherings and that there are actually many of them that go on throughout the year. 

After finding out about this rainbow gathering in Estonia I decided it was time to leave Ibiza and experience something new. I left behind half of my clothes, a pair of custom-made basketball sneakers, some of my audio gear, and got a flight to Estonia. Going to a country on a whim like that was so out of my comfort zone but I was determined to make it there. After a stop in Madrid and Vienna, I finally landed in Estonia but now I had to figure out how to make my way to the rainbow gathering. 

Everything was so foreign to me and I was definitely intimidated from not knowing where I was. I had to get camping gear which led me to the mall next to the airport but after strolling about for a half-hour I realized that it was getting a bit late to start shopping plus I had to reach the gathering which was about 3 hours away from where I was and so I decided to head there immediately to avoid having to find my way in a dark forest. It was more important for me to reach my destination and I figured once there I would figure out my sleeping arrangement. Being that I had no clue how to get to the gathering and I wasn't adventurous enough at this point of my journey to get to my destination using public transportation I took my most expensive cab ride ever...200 euro to be exact. Negotiating that rate with the driver was funny in and of itself but it did put me at ease, I gave the coordinates to my cab driver and we were on our way. 

During this long drive, I was admiring the beautiful landscape Estonia had to offer and after 3 hours we got to the forest where the coordinates lead. My cab driver looked confused because he wasn't sure if it was the right place but I noticed all these cars parked and signs indicating where the gathering was so I grabbed my belongings and made my way there. Along my walk in the forest I got greeted by 2 lovely young ladies who instantly gave me hugs which I wasn't expecting but graciously welcomed because I could tell this was the love energy that was emanating from the gathering, they then lead me to the main area of the gathering and I see tents everywhere a giant tippy and near the tippy, there's a fire pit where they would light campfires at night. I get introduced to everyone there, there are hippies, naked people walking around which at first shocked me especially since one of them looked like Jesus but I was telling myself to just roll with it and to be honest by the 2nd day I was walking around in the nude myself lol. 

By the time I finish introducing myself to everyone it was time for my first food circle. All of us scream "Food Circle" which echoes throughout the forest indicating it's time to eat so we all gathered around the fire pit and before eating we hold each other's hands and form this big circle around it and start singing songs about love and being thankful for nature and mother earth. I knew none of the lyrics but I tried my best to keep up. After singing we all sat down and someone went around the circle to give food you have to bring your own kitchenware to eat but since I didn't have any I borrowed spare ones from the kitchen. I sat next to a rainbow veteran who seemed he had seen his fair share of gatherings he explained to me the ins and out of how to conduct myself at a gathering. 

No technology (phones etc) help in the kitchen once in a while, participate in the activities, give a donation after a food circle, or blow kisses in the hat to show your gratitude if you can't donate. Do everything with love basically just how I live my life. We got on to discussing our background afterward, he told me how he is wanting to return to spirit all the way and how it's hard and how the hardest things to give up are weed and women which made me laugh because I felt the same way. He then spoke about the rainbow prophecy, I had heard it before but the fact that he mentioned it made it seem like this meeting between us was destined and the prophecy goes as follows. 

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as Warriors of the Rainbow." 

Pretty awesome if you ask me because I feel I'm definitely one of those rainbow warriors. 

After eating they started preparing the fire pit for the late-night festivities. We gathered around the fire people started playing the drum, the guitar and after a while, we get into chanting songs it's almost like a battle cry getting ready for a massive event or war it's so uplifting I had never been part of something so raw and primitive like this before. There's marijuana being passed around people are meditating some are in full trances as these chants are going on. At a certain point, the gathering goes into the tippy and we continue the chants there and it seems like we're native Americans chanting and it's amazing to see how we're all connected to this collective energy. Since I had no tent to sleep in I stayed until the end and went to sleep as people were leaving the tippy. 

The next morning it's pretty much the same for breakfast there's a food circle and during the day there are activities for example you can do yoga go to a man-made sauna (I LoVe saunas) go to the river for a swim or just enjoy nature. I also did get an extra tent from a couple that left the gathering the day prior which I was very thankful for. 

I met one of my soul brothers at the gathering a French guy whose name was also Shawn I know pretty wild but you spelled it Xan and I would hang out at his campsite for the most part because he spoke french so we bonded over that fact and it seemed all the people our age group gravitated towards him so we would all hang out at his campsite. This guy had my kind of humor and was very knowledgeable when it came to spiritual topics like chakras, energies, etc I learned a lot from him on a spiritual level and I felt I could be myself around him compared to the older people that were there which made it easier for me to acclimate to the gathering. 

Although being in a group setting always brings up petty things, I compare it to high school how there's always going to be people that feel a bit entitled because they've been there and done that but for the most part everyone was so friendly and it was a nice change of pace from the Ibiza madness. I stayed a week and a half because there were 2 weeks left of the gathering when I arrived and the weather got annoyingly cold at night and I couldn't stand it anymore. Practically every night I would wear 3 pairs of pants with 3 hoodies, not cool haha. Another factor in me leaving early was that a rainbow brother at the gathering told me about a kung fu master in Germany after seeing me practice. This same kung fu master was in the same city that my aunt lived in and I had always planned on visiting my aunt sometime in the future so this was the universe showing me the next step of my journey and so I obliged. 

During my stay, I got in touch with nature and reconnected in a way that seemed lost to too many people out here in society today and I was very appreciative of that time. I got to eat fresh forest fruits and vegetables like mushrooms and berries had a meat detox for a week learned new spiritual, yogic, and meditative practices. I also discovered my reiki powers by giving massages and it was a wonderful experience. I learned so much from everyone there and met so many wonderful people it definitely won't be the last time I experience a rainbow gathering but next time the weather is going to be much nicer. 

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  • Gillian Sydney
    Gillian Sydney
    Wow what an amazing learning/growing experience!! That Rainbow Gathering sounds like a beautiful gathering of souls 😍

    Wow what an amazing learning/growing experience!! That Rainbow Gathering sounds like a beautiful gathering of souls 😍

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