Mt. Shasta: I've crossed the threshold  

My life always came back to this moment, this point in time. It came in a different situation or scenario but it was always the same premise; I needed someone to help me out financially or I would be out on the streets. 

I've always felt I was ready to experience me being out on the streets but always at the last moment someone bailed me out or I figured a way to get myself out of this situation which was the universe's way of telling me no you're not ready. 

How would I know if I'm ever ready for this…

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Ego Death In Vegas 

Pride is the Devil 

Being in Vegas with my uncle is like I'm having a life training camp. I'm having to shed so many layers of myself that I've been holding onto the anger, the fear etc and I'm realizing all the internal battles I have within myself. Things I though I had dealt with but in fact there was a deeper message that I needed to understand. Through all this spiritual awakening I thought I was leading with my heart when in truth my ego was still ruling over a major part of my life. 

My goal is to be…

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Owning my story and Stepping into my greatness 

Many people have been interested in my story before, I've just not divulged any of it so far or just parts of it because it's long as hell plus when I get into telling stories I can go on and on and on, but to be what I aspire to be I feel it's time to lay it out all in the open be fully vulnerable to step into my destiny. 

Where do I start? Well, first off in this incarnation and I say this because I've had more than one incarnation (more on that later) my name is Shawn I'm 30 years old I was born in…

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Getting back to nature at a Rainbow Gathering 

Living off your intuition will definitely take you to interesting places around the world for me one of those places was in the middle of the woods in Estonia. 

After spending a month in Ibiza for summer 2020 and noticing that it wasn't at all like what I had experienced the previous summer due to covid restrictions, I was in no mood to stay around in this atmosphere. The vibe of the island wasn't the same, Guardia Civil (police) was more annoying than usual and to top it off I had to witness my twin flame…

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